With your support, Jordan was able to collect OVER 22,500 pairs of NEW socks in 2019!

Warming The World... 1 Pair Of Socks At A Time!

Warming The World... 1 Pair Of Socks At A Time!

Warming The World... 1 Pair Of Socks At A Time!Warming The World... 1 Pair Of Socks At A Time!Warming The World... 1 Pair Of Socks At A Time!

Jordan is always looking for Additional

Community & Corporate support.

Jordan's 2019 Goal ... It's a BIGGIE!

Jordan shares her annual letter with her Supporters...and reveals her goal for her 2019 Sock Drive!

It's a HUGE one, so the more support Jordan can get will only hope THOUSANDS who need everyone's support.

Thank you for watching...and spreading the word! 



Our Leader

Jordan is currently a 5th grade student and she is looking to help as many of those in need as possible. 

From a very young age, Jordan has always been compassionate and kind and has always done what she is passionate about, while being strong willed and having excellent communication skills...her parents have always known that she will change the world!

Jordan has many interests, including playing rep soccer, practicing karate, playing piano and hip hop dancing, as well as being involved with her school activities such as intramural sports, choir and PALS. 

Jordan has a genuine interest in increasing the amount of donations that she is able to provide those in need annually...and works hard every year to do so.

Our History


One morning back in 2015, Jordan approached her Mommy, saying that TVO Kids was having a contest for kids that do good things and she wanted to do something so that maybe she could win. She continued to describe how people who do not live in warm homes need warm socks the most and maybe she could collect socks. By the end of that conversation, Jordan said that maybe she would just collect the socks and not worry about the contest...just do it for a good cause!

Jordan wrote a letter to her family and friends and asked for their support in helping her reach her goal of 100 pairs of new socks for the homeless in Peel. 

With the magic of Facebook and the generosity of friends, family and complete strangers, Jordan has been able to blow her first goal out of the water...and every year following!

  • 1st Annual Sock Drive (2015)    Goal = 100 pairs          Achieved = 2287 pairs                                          
  • 2nd Annual Sock Drive (2016)   Goal = 3000 pairs       Achieved = 4380 pairs                              
  • 3rd Annual Sock Drive (2017)    Goal = 4500 pairs       Achieved = 4850+ pairs                      
  • 4th Annual Sock Drive (2018)    Goal = 5400 pairs       Achieved = 13,100+ pairs               
  • 5th Annual Sock Drive (2019)    Goal = 15,000 pairs    Achieved = 22,500+ pairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

Jordan finally realized that she could make a difference in the community and this was the beginning of her setting some HUGE goals to help the homeless stay warm every year!

Jordan continues to set HUGE goals and has proven that there are MANY generous people in our community and beyond because each year her goals have been CRUSHED. Jordan is continuously wowed by the support she receives...and literally cried when finding out the total that she collected her 2nd year (watch the video of the reveal)!

Jordan has now committed herself to continuously think of those in the Peel homeless shelters, those who use the Peel Street Outreach program and those she helps in Cobourg (Northumberland), Toronto and beyond, by making a promise to herself to carry out her annual sock drive for the homeless!

Some of Our Past Recipients

Please Contact Us Directly With Additional Recommendations Of Organizations In Need...Our Goal Is To Distribute Donations Within Regions/Cities From Where Contributions Are Made And To Help As Many People As Possible!

Drop-Off Locations



We have many volunteers who offer up their residential front porches/mailboxes to collect socks on Jordan’s behalf, as well as local businesses who will also be supporting her mission...and for all of those people/businesses, we are forever grateful!

If you would like to have your home/business/location listed as an official Drop-Off location, please contact us directly at JordansSocks@hotmail.com


CMHA Caring Community Award 2019

Jordan was one of three recipients for the CMHA's 2019 Caring Community Award for those who encourage mental health awareness, reduce stigma and make a positive impact on individuals and families living with mental illness.  

It was a very honourable recognition for Jordan and we are all so proud of her.

Gary Evan's Citizenship Award 2019

Jordan received the Gary Evans Citizenship Award from Peel Regional Police at the Elmer Safety Awards. They recognized children in Peel who had heroic behaviour/extraordinary acts of citizenship.

Jordan's award is named in honour of the President of the Peel Children’s Safety Village who volunteered for more than 15 years. 

A HUGE Thank You to Peel Regional Police for recognizing our girl....and especially to Jordan’s special friend, Joanna Styrczula, who is always showing her amazing support.

DPCDSB Faith & Programs Committee Mtg 2019

Jordan had the opportunity to share her mission with the DPCDSB’s Faith & Programs Committee at the school board in 2019. Committee Chair, Brea Corbet, is also the Trustee for Jordan's school and has been an unbelievable supporter of Jordan's Sock Drive.

Reveal Video 2018

Watch as we reveal to Jordan the final number of socks she collected at the end of her 2018 Sock Drive...RECORD BREAKING!

Reveal Video 2017

Jordan had a big goal of collecting 4500 pairs of new socks...let's see if she does it!

Reveal Video 2016

Jordan's goal for her 2nd Annual Christmas Sock Drive was a big one of 2,500 pairs of socks...following the unbelievable success of her inaugural year. Did she do it?